Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Office Pros and Cons

OK, I so stole this blog idea from my blog brother.

Does anyone remember that blog he did with his cell phone and pictures of his co workers and the pros and cons of them! OMG! i thought that was one of the funniest blogs ever, WHO DOES THAT???

My mom was reading it behind my back and cracking up. she was like "WHAT IF THEY SEE THIS?"

But since Ned works at Dunder Mifflin Paper straight from NBC's The Office, I thought I would show you a typical day in the life of me and those who take up the air in my office.

(Which BTW I must say it won't last for long because MAMA GOT THE JOB!!!! I start after New Years! OMG I AM SO HAPPY!)

But anyway since I am leaving the self employed life behind and joining the retail biz as the assistant manager to the gift shop and museum, here are the everyday distractions in my everyday life.

dana 092

First off, Mischa or A/K/A Big Meesh.

I am not exactly sure of his job but he is annoying as hell.

Pros-purrs, loves to love, has a foot fetish.

Cons- Purrs, rubs up on anyone and everyone when hungry, clearly did not go to sexual harassment training since he clearly has a foot fetish. dana 097

Ty Ty the do it all Guy

Pros-He is soft spoken, teddy bearish, bad ass tackle and can cook.

Cons-Camera shy, and um that's about it...oh except he enjoys farting around me. dana 109

Jalen a/k/a Mayhem

Pros-He does dishes, he has the best sense of humor and he kicks ass at fantasy football. Cons-He pulls practical jokes and pranks, usually on me, he farts around me, he is mean to his co workers, he can't sweep. dana 111 Stephon the sweetie.

Pros-Deep voice like Barry white, eager to please as long as it is not cleaning, likes to laugh. Cons-TEMPER! Mean, eats more than everyone put together, farts around me, don't like to clean, mama's boy.

The Princess of Good dana 017

Pros-She CAN be sweet, she is super cute, she loves to paint nails, walls, and everything.

The Princess of Evil dana 082

Cons-Screams at the top of her lungs, fights every male species in the household, plays the pity card, loves sugar.

And last but not least,


The peeps

Pros-The best group of people that even scientists couldn't group together as in best sense of humor and a bunch of heart rolled up in one.

Cons-They are so cool I get distracted, one always smells like skillet, and some of them fart around me.

So there is my office pros and cons. Man I wished Ned's blog didn't get ganked by Yahoo....his was the best.

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Lauri said...

Great post - this made me smile.

Congratulations on your new job!