Monday, December 31, 2007

More Drama From The Princess of Good and Evil

So last night I was watching all these marathons on VH-1....and beading, of course. By the time Flavor Of Love 2 was over, I started getting drowsy. so I put the beads up, made HER come into my room. She laid on the bed and fronted like she was going to bed all peaceful and shit.

I dozed off. I woke up a few minutes later to a blood curdling scream! I jumped up instantly like a mother lion ready to defend her young. She was sitting by my beads screaming.

The cat was in there too, so I figured he done it because last time they fought they tore my room, phone book and a throw pillow up.

"Dammit Mischa! What the hell did you do to her?!" I screamed at the cat. He looked at me with huge eyes, which I am sure he was.

"What's wrong?" I ask her.

She points to her nose. "It's a ball." she says. she is sniffling and i notice she has snotnose. Maybe she's got sinus problems or something. So i make her lay down. She jumps up like I threw her underwater.

"It's a ball in my nose!" she screams at me. I instantly go into panic mode. I turn on the lamp, light and look up her nostril. I don't see anything. I stick my finger up there and don't feel anything, of course it don't fit far. all the while Mischa is looking at us like he wants to call 911.

"IT'S THERE!" she screams at me.

Now on top of my panic I am getting pissed at the nerve of this 3 year old child who thinks she can tell me what to do.

"Dammit, Justice jaida, WHAT is there?" I ask her

"A BALL!!" she screams. I inspect her button nose, all I see is sort of a scratch on the outside.

"Did Mischa do that?" I ask about the scratch. She looks at Mischa like she is thinking, "Shall I get him in trouble."

Then I realize she stuffed something up her nose. I holer at one of the boys to come help. That is my panic modus operandi. If the oldest boys isn't available in emergencies I then move down the line until there is no one left but me.

Ty was sleep.

"JALEN!" He comes running over.


There is something up her nose. "Jalen grabs her, with me and Mischa watching and plugs one side of her nose. Tells her to blow.

She blows a big shiny 8mm bead out of her nose with snot.

"Eww." Jalen says and goes back to his video game.

So alas more drama from my daughter, cat, and me to end the year.

Happy New Year Everbody.


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! Reminds of a nickle i once knew.

muse said...

eeeuwww-great thinking award of the new year goes to jalen!

Thanks for the chuckle.

Mike S said...

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Another Conflict Theorist said...


Your daughter sounds HILARIOUS! One has to wonder what exactly goes through the mind of a child RIGHT before they decide to do something foolish and/or incomprehensible. Sometimes all you can do is laugh and thank God that no one (not even the cat) was seriously injured.

Keala said...

I thought I commented on this entry already. Did I do it over at multiply?

Anyway, Happy New Year Mama!

Lauri said...

Kids do the darnedest things, don't they? At least she blew it out, snot and all. A happy ending, right! said...

Hmm pony bead in the schnaaz.. or crow bead..

anyhow, i'd like to see some of your beadwork. I bead too, it is something that is totally different than what I do normally at work, that it is very relaxing. Besides it takes the edge off having to concentrate on it. I'll have to give you my flickr url sometime. -Ed