Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rickety Old House

*sucky ass pic by me*

Everytime I think of that, when the reporter from The Observer called my house "rickety."

It is. i mean you can't see through the floors and...there are no holes in the walls...that I put there...on there was holes in the walss when I moved my kids room and one in the kitchen that wasn't there, then one day a piece of the wall just fell out. A perfectly square piece.

I'm not good at repairs, although I do have a tool box, that consists of a butter knife, hammer, and duct tape. And the tribe has a housing dept. that is supposed to do repairs but they fired half the staff after drug testing. so the last time I got anything repaired was when I had that filament? thingy in my oven replaced and almost killed the crabby old guy that fixed it. I didn't mean to laugh when he got shocked but he looked funny running from the sparks and his fingers were all burnt...he also fixed the hot water in my kitchen, but for some reason it's all stripped out again. My bathroom sink leaks bad. Like the water just pours out of the pipes so I have a pot under there.

The bathroom downstairs in the boys room, the shower leaks into their bedroom so they need the mop down there constantly. My uncle repaired all my screens after the cops tore them out to climb in my windows back in July and arrested me IN HANDCUFFS for drinking a beer at my cook out. So yes I did 8 hours and they took the rest of my 6 pack away. *hardened criminal*

My fence is still rolled up on the side of my house, but it is my fence. I love home decorating shows and home repairs shows and DIY, isn't that something? I sit and watch people make their house prett with my fake floral arrangements and Van gogh prints...don't swweat me on the fake floral arrangements, they were given to me by my Grandma Erna before she moved back to DC and I don't know if i will ever see her again. so I had to hang them up.

Why am I bitching?

I know be happy you have a house bitch. I am happy. I love my house and just got rid of my ex and his woman, because that shit wasn't working out. I don't mind helping people out but they need to help themselves out and move on and OUT.

So this is why I am bitching. I have the fugliest cupboards in America!

For real.

So today I will attempt to DIY them over. I got an idea from a wonderful ex blogger by the name of Lady Pamp. I don't know if anyone knows her but when she deleted all her blogs i asked her for a picture of her cupboards. she gave it to me!

So you will see the transformation when I am done. I already have the before pictures.

I am going for a Tuscan,-vineyard-Napa look. HA! Ok just wine. I have pictures of wine bottles, nice pictures hanging in my I will attempt something to match it. since I can't legally enjoy Merlot without cops crawling in my window and aressting me like I shot Johnny. *For real these cops need to worry about the drug dealers and shit here.*

So maybe tomorrow I will show you the before and after, unless the after is uglier than the before...oh shit. I didn't think of that.

Well...we'll see.

BTW my house is on the "remodel list" which is a list they tell you you are still on, just to shut you up.

Check out my screen door up screen LOL.

OK so off I go.

Until later...from This Rickety House to yours...toodles.

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Mike S said...

A few good, simple 'how to' books or help on the 'net' would help loads. Nothing teaches DIY like experience, good luck:)