Monday, December 3, 2007

Hitchhiking at age 9

When I was in 4th grade and my brother was in 2nd grade, we lived about 12 miles from here out in the country.

My mom was married to the Persian guy at the time and he was usually always home, being that there were no jobs for geoligists here. One day I remember him telling me that he and my mom were going to the city so be sure to catch the bus to Grandma's house.

I forgot. I was so absorbed in solving my Rubik's Cube on the bus that it totally escaped my mind, until I we walked all the way up our drive and the door was locked. Then I remembered.

Travis was pissed at me, we tried all three doors. Looked in windows and I knocked and cried as if to wake the ghost in the house to come open the door.

That's when I saw the tracks.

Travis looked at them and confirmed it...Coyotes.

Hungry coyotes.

I sat in the snow defeated and howled like a coyote. I would give in and let them tear me limb from limb.

IT was getting dark fast and we had to do something.

"Let's go to the road and hitchhike." My 7 year old brother said, taking charge.

I knew all the dangers of hitchhiking, heard the stories, knew it was taboo, but it was either take our chances of being picked up by a killer or let the coyotes have us. Besides, it couldn't be that hard, you just stand by the road and stick your thumb out, right?

Travis was alreayd standing there with his thumb sticking out, but I had to do it my way. i jumped in tfront of the car waving my arms all over and screamed. Of course they stopped. A young family with a baby. I still didn't trust and kept my eye on the baby just in case he tried to kill us.

They drove us to my grandma's house where I continued to cry.

When they left my grandma asked why I was crying. I was over dramatic and a drama queen and it was my fault we went home instead of to grandma's...but no, I had to be evil and get my mom in trouble.

"She-she-she is gonna spank me for hitchhiking!" I sputtered.

"God damit she better not spank you, or you can live with me! I'll spank her ass!" MY grandma was pissed at my mom.

I smiled knowwing I wasn't in trouble.

When my mom came to get us, my grandma told her the whole big dramatic scene and accused my mom of spanking me. My mom looked pissed, embarassed and gave me that LOOK.

I ended up spending the night with my grandma that night, just because of that LOOK.

Now I see how overly dramatic my daughter is and I know she got it from me, and I know I deserve it.

*smile* She is my princess.

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Mike S said...

Our daughter's the same way. Mom isn't though, so she must be starting a new tradition:)