Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The showdown

So....it has come down to this. After 15 weeks of wonderful fantasy football there is a showdown. showdown

Between my helpless, soon to be 14 year old son Jalen from The Prairie, some of you might call David. As you can see there is not an evil bone in his body....look at his cute little stocking cap. Awww. Picture 088

Here is is facing off with someone whom some of you may call Goliath. Big Bad Ned from the East Coast....Yes that guys. *looks down and shudders* PIX_%238

So here is the deal, this is "supposedly" Ned's first year playing fantasy football. This is Jalen's third, the only thing between Jalen and next years commish job is Ned. He could be the youngest commisioner in fantasy football history EVAR!

Will Ned let the innocence of youth pass him by?

Will Jalen fold under the pressure?

Only time will tell and if Jessica Simsons will stay her ass away from football fields.

As you can see this is clearly a personal conflict for me. I leave off with this message from my sweet little son, who's birthday is tomorrow. dana 118

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