Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What The Hell is wrong here?


I was in bed, couldn't sleep, and I have to sell some beadwork tomorrow for a bill.

So I get up to start beading, Anderson Cooper is on, whom I love, BUT all the news is just depressing.

Candidates accusing each other of things that they are all doing. People shooting each other and even shooting kids getting off the bus. Cheese and Rice if you want to talk about something in your campaign, what about gun control. but everyone is so scared to talk about that even despite all the recent shootings. Not that I am one to talk about it. I hate guns, but my daddy and my brother are very pro guns.

I just can't believe with all the shootings nobody wants to take it on. The NRA is like the damn mob and has people scared. instead the candidates want to talk about who's mowing who's lawn. Seriously if you have kids, that is who should be mowing your lawn.

Next I see that our country is lying about waterboarding as a form of torture. I never even heard of it until last night. I watched it happen to some guy on CNN. It's a form of torture used to get people to tell all, and it's called torture everywhere but....here....now. Because the CIA destroyed tapes over the years of waterboarding.

Scary how a country can just do stuff like that and then say no comment.

Oh well, on the good side of things, my interview went so good yesterday. I sure the hell hope I get the job which won't start until after New Years. I should know by next week if I get the job or not. The pay is so good for around here....and actually if i get the job, it would be the most I ever made anywhere, except bartending and counting tips. The benefits include health, retirement, tuitition (if one chooses,) and free lunch everyday. It sounds like a dream to me.

I think I just better not watch CNN for a bit, because it bummed me out.


Josie Two Shoes said...

I agree Dana, let them take on the REAL issues, not just the topics that are politically correct. Who trusts politicians anyway? Will be praying that you get the job you interviewed for, sounds like just the blessing you really need... and deserve! Keep us posted!

Mike S said...

Best of luck on the job. The Old Indian's saying a few extra words for ya:)