Sunday, December 30, 2007

Google Ads

I had my Google ads for the better part of this blog which has been a year. First I had one, then I realized it was not getting me anywhere.
So I took the plunge and got TWO google ads on the saide there.
Now as for this being my ONLY retirement plan, I am rethinking it and think it was not a good retirement plan.
After almost a year on blogger not one person has ever clicked the damn ads.
I guess I can count out the timeshare in Florida with mimosas for breakfast while some stoned guy sings me some Jimmy Buffett.
No Cheeseburger in Paradise or Margaritaville.
I guess i better either add a third one or re think the retirement plan. It looks liek Google Adsense won't have me rollin like Jay-Z.


Dorid said...

ROTFL... OMG, I had google ads on my page, and google referals, and just about everything else google. You know they don't pay you until you hit $100, which I figure I'd hit when I was dead. I got earnings for page impressions, sure... over about a year I got 34 cents. It would have taken forever to get up to the payment threshold!

That's why I now use Amazon, not that I'm doing much better there.

I guess your beadwork is going to have to be your retirement plan. I've been trying to build up my CafePress buisness and I've added two Zazzle Shops as well, and perhaps in Spring if I can score some paints and canvases I'll open a shop on Etsy, too.

Dang, days like today I wish my hands were good enough that I could go back go baking bread and selling it to local markets... or better yet that I was well enough to go back to a REAL job. This nickle and dime thing is for the birds!

Lauri said...

OK, blame me! I never click on those Google ads. said...

put a google search on your page.. i myself use a google search whenever it is on anyones page as I am big time surfer, when something pops in my mind, i would rather search from the google adds on the page instead of typing