Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Glimpse of the rez

I started this blog so many times and something always happened.

Maybe i am not supposed to show you how shit is here.

but ANYWAYS...

Here was my little selling trip last week.

*some photos have been digitally enhanced because I suck at photography.

Walking out my house to the right. 1213north

to the left, to the left, to the left... 1213outdadoor

so halfway to the trading post I take these pics. 1213bus

that pic up there was for Mame..she likes broke down cars...well, there is a bus!

Here is what I made last week. 1213hat1

that is one side of the hat, here is the other 1213hat

1876 is the year Custer went down with an arrow in his butt and the two flags are his and his calvary's. So here is the road out to my land and my family's on my dad's side...Gooseneck Road


Here is looking off my grandma's porch...i had to go pick up a quilt she made for my daughter 1213fromgramsporch

My dad's house 1213dadshouse

So onto the trading post. Here are a few pictures from the inside and outside of the trading post.

Almost there1213rosies Singing Horse1213outofsinginghorse

Now to the inside of the trading post, which is owned by Rosie, who is from Germany. 1213keyas1213shell1213set1213sinew and sequins1213weddinggobs1213firepolish1213dcs1213beads1213barrettes1213dolls

After that we left. From the trading post you can see forever. So here is a pic of a community in between where I live and the trading post called Manderson. I played with the color a little bit and I must say, Manderson never looked better. 1213manderhousing1213manderpo1213manderville

So there was a little glimpse of my rez. I will post more later. *phew* that was a process and just for you.


Lauri said...

I always enjoy seeing your pictures. Very cool. Thanks.

Mike S said...

Nice tour. I think my people must've hired the same guys to build their 'Tribal Coalition Houses' on our lands. Nice scenery. In this state, I think there's some kinda law that requires 1 of every 5 homes to have a derelict vehicle in the yard, and 1 of every 3 homes to have a vehicle for sale on the property:)