Thursday, December 20, 2007



I have since I was 4 and my grandpa would brew it in a percolator. I always remember the smell getting to me when he would open the can.

I remember my grandma saying "You're gonna stunt her growth!"

My grandpa saying "Bullshit, she will be fine!"

So because of my gramps I now am 5 foot 2. But I never stopped drinking coffee, any kind, any flavor but mostly black. Thank god there is a coffee house in this town so I can treat myself to a cappicino or espresso once in awhile.

So my son Jalen LOVES coffee. Always has since he was 4. Yesterday when we had their birthday cake, his dad was over for their birthday dinner, which I made him cook....and he freaked about my son drinking coffee.

I was like, "He's alright."

"He's not an old man!"

"What do you mean? You have to be old to drink and appreciate coffee? You're stupid."

He said "No. But you are gonna stunt his growth."

"Thats an old wives tale, he's taller than me."

And I sat and enjoyed coffee and cake with my son.

Now I have to go as I drink coffee number 4.

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