Friday, May 11, 2007

Column Update

I don't know why my column isn't getting updated on the paper's website. It's been on the same one (April 6) forever, while others get regular updates. But anyway....I will update it here.
They finally accepted my column entry "On Being A Skin" Last week....the one about Coming Home is still in the waiting so hopefully they will use that next week.
This is what I wrote this week.

Indian Love

What is Indian Love…hickeys and bingo? Passion…whether it be good or bad? Shattered windows and broken hearts? Babies and promises? We all heard the jokes…we all told the jokes.

“Look at that couple, hickeys and shiners…that’s love.”
Or-“You know that’s love, somebody cared enough to break their windows.”
And-“Check them out, I remember when they met at the casino, she hit a jackpot that night.”
Modern day jokes get in the way of what Indian love really was, and still is.
So let me start this by saying, I got married last Friday.
I married the man I lost touch with long time ago.
So nobody knows we HAVE a history together…a history that is as complex as it is wonderful.
I wrote him off a long time ago and I figured I was doomed to a life off not ever having what I had with him. Then, we found each other again.
So, not only did I want to update my life…I also wanted to touch down on what I think is Indian Love.
There are certain people that joke about what Indian Love is….and you people know who you are. Some of you, if not many of you are related to me. And it is funny, because I can fire back to every detail of Indian Love you think is funny…
Women were not to be heard they just stood by silently and did as told.
Um. Hello the Indian woman is still as powerful in any family today as she was back then…test me, and I will give you the names of many in this day and age.
The Indian women did all the work, all the men had to do was get the buffalo and the woman did the rest of the work…ha ha you think it is funny an Indian woman had that role?
See what I mean about an Indian woman being strong?
Especially, in her relationship with her man, her children, and the rest of the family, she was the core of that family back then, as much as she is today.
We all joke and laugh and poke fun, and I used to poke fun more than anyone. Sorry if I offended some of you. You know who you are. I also thank you for accepting my decision to marry my first love, and you know who you are.
He married into my family of not only me, some cats, and a stray dog…but the most important of all-he married into a life of four children who will always need the guidance and role model of someone who is willing to step up and marry into that. He entered into my family without a doubt. That is a true Lakota man. That is Indian love.
The role of being an Indian woman is taking care of what is hers…whether that be herself, her children or her man (and her cats!). And YES to my bros…I do scratch his back when it itches, but that’s love…in any world.
This is just my humble opinion, but Indian love is so complex that what it boils down to is taking care of the one you love. And what is theirs.

Also my name change didn't get updated or my bio....they still have me at 34 years old lol.
Anyway I took some great pics at the park...I will post later. Still in "Honeymoon" mode...i don't even want to go anywhere;)


Josie said...

Awesome, just awesome! You tell them girl! I so hope this one gets accepted for the paper. And yeah, we all make jokes about life, until it happens to us. But when it goes right for someone, like is happening with you, it gives the rest of us hope. You enjoy this honeymoon period... no one more deserves all the fun of loving someone! You've had your share of jerks in your life, as have I, and now you've got a keeper - it's the best and happiest news from a friend!

Missy A said...

Josie is fast VERY fast

It's love when you marry a woman who has a pile of stuff that you help her carry.

Its true in most societys though without the women behind them supporting them men wouldn't be able to do a thing.The men didn't eat without women to cook what they had brought home
Jesus never supplied those loaves and fishes the women did!

Dana Dane said...

it WAS accepted and in the paper yesterday....then all of a sudden my ex brings over 3 bags of groceries...which he NEVER did before. I am guessing he read the column

Josie said...

Hey, that's great news - congrats on the column, and about damn time the ex came thru with something besides whine. I'm betting there will be a lot of discussion around town about that column - Way to go Dana! Now do we have to start an email campaign to get them to update your column online and post your new name? We could do that! :)

Josie said...

PS To Missy...Josie spends way too much time on the 'puter, that's why she is a rapid responder! :-)

Josie said...

My email just went off to Lakota Country Times (see Dana's link)asking them to please correct her last name to reflect her happily married status, and to update her column regularly, that she's the reason I come to their website. Anyone else reading this can do the same and maybe they'll get the message. :-)

Dana Dane said...

LOL...OMG thanks Josie lol.

Chops said...

(new reader here)
Congrats to you Dana. I hope the honeymoon lasts forever, or at least a real long time.

Janet H said...

I think a lot of what you said about Indian Love really is just the way it is between men and women. Sure, equality is important, but being different also needs to be honored. And men and women just *are* different. I'm glad you found the right man for you, Dana.