Monday, May 14, 2007

The Park

I don't remember if there was a park when I was a kid. Up at the school I guess there was a death trap of a park built on pavement with giant slides and no shock absorption so if you fell you got HURT. Now the school built a really nice park with wood chips around it BUT they lock it up from hoodlums off school hours.
I don't remember how long ago it was when the park by the pow wow grounds was built but I know I came back one year and it was there. It used to be maintained by YO (Youth Opportunities,) which seemed like a great program but as with every positive program that starts out high hopes on the rez, funds went dry and i don't know who maintains the park now. Or if anyone does. I just noticed how worn down it is getting, not that kids notice. They love having it here. My son said the skatepark is unusable because of the holes in it and such.
skate park
Cydnee's -05.04.2007-Picz 167
on the basketball court facing the skatepark
Cydnee's -05.04.2007-Picz 166
Justice don't care how tore up things are.
Justice and her "daddy."
Speaking of which...she loves having a dad finally. And he loves finally having a daughter. And now I surely can't win an argument with her.
Cydnee's -05.04.2007-Picz 172
All in all the park is a good thing for the kids and it is nice to have it around. When I was a kid we went to the BIA grounds to eat our penny candy because it "felt" like a park. I just wished someone would maintain it.


Missy A said...

Same all over its allways someone elses duty
A lot of playgrounds end up being taken down because they are "too dangerous" dang I used to use swings over roadway tar with a big puddle of water under em, never hurt myself

Love the first pic you wouldn't even think it was the same place .. you get grass on your knees taking that one

Dana Dane said...

i put the cam down and hoped it turned out good

Josie said...

That seems to be such a frequent problem...something good gets started, then the funding runs out. Such a waste of time and energy and money, and so much disappointment, people learn to expect things to fail. Sounds like better long-term planning is needed. Wonder if a group of families could be recruited to help take care of the park? It looks like a nice place for kids, at least originally.

Josie said...

I love the photo of Justice and her new Daddy... what a blessing for you and your daughter!

Dana Dane said...

good idea...hard to find people that will care though....i wish i had a lawn mower and truck i could do it lol.
this is part of the pics i want to feature as the real rez....i mean i am not saying things are tough JUST here...i am just showing the park. our only park.