Friday, May 18, 2007

my silver hair

Bruce took this pic of me the day after we got married. I hate pics of me. Anyway you can see my silver hairs here. Note not grey but silver. Ok quit looking at my jacked up cupboards for a minute and look at the top of my head, right in the can see the streak starting
(Wait can I just say my cousin lived here before me and I don't know why they painted SOME of the cupboards with navy blue spray paint, but i do intend on painting over them,...someday.)

Ok now BACK TO ME>
so there is my streak I have been talking about for over a year. Saying it will soon look like a chic from X-men. IT's getting bigger, or more and more. It started with one when I was 18, that my mom ALWAYS pulled out. Then 2 by the time I was 23. Then when I was 28 I thought it was about 6 but the lady that cut my hair told me I had a bunch. I left for Minnesota about a month after that so that night in the motel room I sat and looked through my whole haed and pulled out about 16.
Now I can't fight it, or I will surely be bald.
But I don't mind it. I mean they ARE silver and not grey.
I am sure each one accounts for something in my life.
They Yankees losing in the post season last year had to be worth about 3 or 4 of them.
Waiting on pins and needles for Bruce to show up when he called and said he would be here in an hour, I am sure sprouted out 2 more.
My son's health scare this year had to account for many many more.
Waiting to see how I would be recieved as a columnist acounted for many.
Waiting in line at the grocery store and hoping I didn't go over my budget.
Hitting on the slot machine on a max bet.
Sitting at the IHS waiting room trying not to be mad at IHS.
When I found out I was getting laid off.
Worried about my kids when they were out after curfew.
Worried about my kids in general.
I am sure that each and every one of my SILVER hairs has a story and a meaning. I am sure I will be fine as they multiply in vast haste.
I am sure it will look ok.

If not, I am dying them bitches Loreal Feria number 6.66 Double Intensity Auburn Red
and trying my luck at bingo!


Josie said...

My head started sprouting silver in my mid-thirties too...just about the time my daughter became a teenager,coincidentally. :-) Now it's very much spread throughout, and I left it that way for awhile, but my daughter threw a fuss and said it made me look too old, so at her insistance I keep a little color in it. But I'm not gonna be one of those ladies at 70 with the screaming dark hair. I told her, "Kid, I AM old!" Maybe I'll go for purple. :-)

Daisy said...

Keep the silver hairs! Don't cover them up! I've always said if I go gray, then I'll just let it go! I love silver hair, especially when it's long. To me it symbolized wisdom of experience. And it would kick ass if you ended up looking like Rogue!

Josie said...

Hey, I think those cupboards have character! :-) Picture-perfect magazine homes are not fun to live in. Gotta have a place where you can kick back and relax!

Gina said...

YOU...are so funny, Dana. A jewel. Your hair is healthy looking....i don't know what the issue is. Can you zoom in a bit...more on the cabinets please. Jacked up. lol.

Dana Dane said...

haha i WILL do a before and after on my fugly cupboards! just wait....

Atariscott said...

I think those hairs are swexy!!

Missy A said...

my X was the same when I met him he was 28 and had a silver streak now of course he's 46 and grey all over LoL

Its a sign of have secret powers
2.hereditary (my X's mother went silver all over at 30)

I don't bloomin well believe it you drank my coffee again ...I knew it secret powers see thats what it is telekenisis

Janet H said...

I've got a streak, too, Dana, and I've decided I really don't mind the ones that stay in the streak. Mine grows right out of the top of my head, and I've had it since I was about fourteen. It's the ones I'm getting these days that *don't* stay in the streak that bug me -- those are just plain old about getting old. But like you, I'm not plucking. And like you, they're silvery white, not grey, so I can't complain too much. You and I will be such a classy pair of old dames some day, Dana, with our silver hair and attitudes. ;-)

Dana Dane said...

OH Janet I heart you and missed you! you classy ol' French broad!

Jeepers said...

Mine started sprouting after I had children..I too have streaks ... and now they are all blonde..I got to get it done again..they even show heavily in it looks better than it did with the black hair..lmao

You will be fine..just go get a box..and take care of it now..nobody has to know you can tell them your real age's 21 isn't's what I do btw.

lauri said...

I have so much to catch up on...

I am not a vain person, except when it comes to my hair. I am a redhead. When I was a little girl, I hated it, despite the many compliments I got. Now, I love it... and I still get a lot of positive comments about my curly red hair. However, now the red is, um, not necessairly real. I started to go grey, and I decided that I wasn't old enough to have grey hair. I began coloring it about 3 years ago. I used to try and match my natural color, but now, I sometimes go darker red and sometimes lighter. I'm not actually sure how much grey I have, since I run to the hairdresser every 6 weeks.

I'm sure sure how that may have helped you Dana, but that is my story. Maybe I will be ready for the grey when I am 60 or 70, but not now... and not while I still get the compliments, hahaha!

lauri said...

I also can't type... jetlag, etc. Sorry for the typos and grammatical errors. I'll read and comment after more sleep! :-)