Monday, May 21, 2007

Highway 18

this was the group he used to sing with. This song is called Highway 18. which is the highway that runs through our reservation. He told me that the song is about when the whiteman would come and give food rations out on Highway 18. What the song basically says is "Whiteman, this is ours. Our ways. You can't take this." anyway that is what he told me. If you think about it you can read so much into that statement...especially now. Knowing what happened from then to now.
I won't type his name because he said I keep writing about him and anyway you all know anyway. But I love his honor for the ways of the Lakota. I love that guy who shall not be named that I married.


Josie said...

I wish we could figure out who the heck you are talking about in this post. hehehe

DeeAnne said...

This "tgwsnbntIm" seems like a cool guy, wish I knew who you were tlaking about... seems like you should get to know him really well..