Wednesday, May 9, 2007


i am obsessed. I am. And not just with my husband....omg it sounds so surreal to say that. Every night we say that to each other "Can you believe we're married?" and smile. But that is not my only obsession. I love games and I hate them....board games, thinking games. but I hate to lose.
I am a huge brat when it comes to games and the my inner child comes out. So anyway I love MAHJONG. you can play it here and click for the full screen
This is what is obsessing me (besides Bruce ;)
Anyway yesterday i showed him how to play it. But I couldn't win. then he beat it twice!
I was fired up so I played and played yesterday until I beat it twice.
Now he is at his uncles and i beat it twice in a row and am still playing it right now. i had to beat him. I had to.
Anyway Bruce reads this blog...he reads the comments that people write in....I guess he likes it. lol.
i finally got off Mahjong long enough to write in my novel. Finally. Maybe things will turn back to normal. Maybe not.....what is normal?
I know I'm not.
But i am still walking on clouds and thank god.
i still lurk other blogs on 360. Seen someone write about me....WTF ever. i don't even care. I don't even care what he says. Before anymore accusations, because i don't push anyone away from religion and I never did...let me just say...that is what a mama's boy is...a big pissin crybaby. Someday people get tired of whining and crying around. I know he lurked here and seen what some of us said about him...oh well. BOO HOO...he needed a reason to cry around anyway. I would call that an accusation...but it's true.
So I'll kick rocks to that fool if i ever get off these damn clouds...which I doubt will be soon. i am in love. I have a man...finally and dammit I don't give a hoot about all that.
i seriosuly need to get back to my beading
as soon as I whip up some more on this man in my house to Mahjong.
And to my read this, you don't comment....and I KNOW you hate the Bee Gees and I secretly dig listen to the words to this song....even if it hurts you to listen to the Bee Gees. I love you lol. MAYBe if you listen to it, i will eat a piece of that raw kidney with you....BLECH!


Missy A said...

I'm the same way, we have this jewel game and normally I can get high scores just can't beat HIS high scores arggghh. he hasnt beat my 42 seconds on triple draw solitare though hehehehe

Sarah said...

I am addicted like crazy to Mahjonng too.
I always play it on this site, you can choose there between thousands of layouts and tiles.

Janet H said...

Glad to see that marriage isn't changing the Hyper-Competitive Dana Dane -- you wouldn't be you if you weren't killing yourself to whip someone's ass at a game. :P