Sunday, May 27, 2007

Welcome To My Reservation

Put us inside this boundary
Promises of sovereignity
Sovereignity is erased
when everything is government based
The land you give us
is all in goverment trust
Take our tongue, cut our hair
make us forget the warfare
Against the women and babies
that happened out at the Knee
You know we don't forget anyway
That shit is embedded in our DNA
Don't act like there was no us
before the Santa Maria brought Columbus
we were always here
we never had fear
We didn't cross the Bering Strait
You don't know, so you hate
We're from Crazy Horse & Red Cloud
We will always be proud
You might have tried to take our dignity
by breaking our treaties
But we're still a bad ass nation
Welcome to my reservation

That was for my lil cousin Rich "Paco" I hope he likes it.


Josie Two Shoes said...

I like it... strong, powerful, it should be!

JohnB said...

very cool...