Friday, May 4, 2007

We had a storm last night.

Bruce was at the school pow-wows all day, so I stayed home and relaxed. Literally taking a nap as my dough was rising for fry bread.
I made chili and fry bread which is good stormy weather food. Although it wasn't storming before that.
So when I went up to the pow wow I took some pics.
not great ones like of the dancers because I only sat in one spot and didn't walk around.
I did record them singing and some of the dancers in the background...if I figure out youtube I will try and upload it here.

Cydnee's Photos 010
these were the kids playing outside the pow wow in their costumes.

Cydnee's Photos 012
this was a little girl who kept smiling at me...this was during a blackout but the singers kept singing.

Cydnee's Photos 011
this was in front of me and i just wanted to show you how deeply rooted the tradition can be for some youth....that's pride
my two fave pics my son was a girl's hands and she played with the beads from her hair ties and the other was a little boy sitting on his dad's lap and singing right along with the singers.

ok I was able to upload it but the sound is horrible. You can't really see Bruce but he is on the right side with sunglasses on his head.

now i really have to go! se you sunday

this song is in honor of today...thanks for the congrats and emails.


JohnB said...

This is really cool Dana.

Missy A said...

I couldn't hear a thing then realized my sound was on mute doh **slapps head**
sound IS a bit crackly but I could see Bruce (you know thats my sons name)

Alissa said...

That's way cool! I could totally see Bruce, what I'd like to see next is um, well some wedding pics would be nice!

Jeepers said...

I am with Alissa..I want to see wedding pics..I couldn't see him that well..maybe my connection..but I want to see this man who has swept you off your feet.

DeeAnne said...

HOLY CRAP!!! I missed the announcement blog until today! Congrats!