Wednesday, May 16, 2007

For the Storm Is Over

Calm winds on the prairie
Blew through my hair
As the sun shined on me and
Made me glow from within
The wind subsided
Calmness thickened and boiled over
The glow was gone and my heart cried
The thunderhead rolled in
Thunder beings warned me
I did not listen to them
Instead looking for calm
I found the storm
Funnel clouds haunted me
Lightning crashed my heart
Rain hid my tears
I was broken down
To think I was
Then the sun came back
And warmed me
Inside and out
Calm, cool winds caressed me
And my heart
Felt whole again
For the storm is over.



Missy A said...

Damn thats really great!

you know you can make a seperate blog here on Blogger under the same ID just for poems

Dana Dane said...

god all i need is another bloggy though

JohnB said...

the coupling of your eloquent words with that serene photo could almost evoke the other remaining senses; in fact the magic you wield could be considered more potent than you can know; for you get at the endless cycles of nature, and how they impart on the human condition...well done dana.

Dana Dane said...

thanks John...the whole poem is about finding my love again :)