Wednesday, May 16, 2007

this can be a vent too

My kids asked me to go for a walk last night. I said OK. I don't know I trust them so much because they don't do alot of stuff other kids for one go walking around town. All they do is play video games or are on the computer and I was glad they wanted to go for a walk. I know at their age I used to roam this town everywhere. Anyway...well let me put it this way.
A couple of days ago my ex called and wanted to talk to his boys , I was like about what? I knew he was just being nosy about my new situation....he said he wanted to borrow a video game from them and I told him back when you have something to GIVE to them, not take. That is how he is and the reason why he is my ex.
Anyway yesterday his daughter Espy got on the phone and wanted to come play with Justice, so I gave in because Justice needs interaction with other little girls.
then after that the boys wanted to call their dad, I told them one of the two numbers he can be reached at and I assumed they talked to him. After that they wanted to go for a walk. I said fine, this was about 7:00.
curfew is at 10, so at 10 I called my grandma's house and my uncle's up the hill to see if they were there. No go. I was starting to worry and no one came after Espy. His girlfriend called and asked if Espy was still here because apparently he was supposed to take her to the carnival and was using her mom's car...god he is such a loser.
So then I figured my boys lied to me and were with their dad.
Which pissed me off. They don't EVER lie to me like that.
And why?
Did they think I wouldn't let them go see their dad. I know the asshole was behind it and trying to make it look like I am keeping him from his boys.
Trying to make me look like the bad person in their eyes.
I am so pissed and I have to punish them now.
Which I never have to do, but I spent half my pre-teen and teen years punished. Yes, mom if you read this I remember those "No phone" times and I almost died lol. Anyway...I don't know how they are going to take no video games and no computers for a week but they have to know I am not the bad guy here. They just didn't have to lie and I think because of my marriage, my ex is now trying to complicate shit.

I told my boys...if you want to go live with your dad, at his girlfriends mom's house, in the bedroom she shares with their dad, their sister and her son, they are welcome to go. ex is an ass.
Anyway...sorry for a messed up blog I just needed to vent.

On a good note, my husband has a job interview with his old employer on Friday and we talked about it. I don't have to work...he said. I was like WOW I NEVER had that before. It was always me supporting the whole family with 2 or 3 shitty jobs. I can actually be a SAHM and bead. Oh I love him so!


Josie said...

Leave it to the ex to try to mess with your happiness thru the boys. You're right, you have to let the boys know that lying isn't ever cool, but the real blame goes to the idiot who encouraged them to do this. Just one more reason to adore the hubby you have now, who wouldn't pull that kind of shit! Good luck to Bruce on the job interview!

Missy A said...

fair enough they wanna see thier dad and he wants to see them but heck that was underhanded
they need to know that lying about it isn't going to help in anyway
If they had come straight out and said 'we wanna see dad' they probly could have no problem but lying about it man ..silly move boys

Jeepers said...

that's cool about the hubby saying you don't have to work..My bf was going to try that..but it hasn't happened yet..he is trying to get a new job too..

As for the boys..that's weird..cause you guys have always been close..and I don't understand why they just didn't tell you they wanted to see their know he is behind it. but never the have to show them that this wasn't right. I feel for you. I really do.

JohnB said...

You ex lives with a girlfriend's mom??? I believe you have stated the obvious already! ;)

Alissa said...

Well, if the dads girlfriends mothers one bedroom to be shared with thier dad, dad's girlfriend, sister and son isn't appealing, then I don't know what is. Sign me up...

Dear Dana,
This is your official letter welcoming you to the SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) Club. Your T-shirt and pin are in the mail. As a new member, you are expected to cook like Betty Crocker, while wearing pearls and heels, keep a clean house thats always ready for house guests just incase they ever drop in, and raise well behaved, well mannered children that never get dirty and always wear their pants.

Now if you can manage any of that, then you are better than the rest of us! Ha!

I'm so glad good things are happening for you. Your ex has to find his way in this new dynamic. Encouraging your boys to lie was a real, well gosh, what a role model for them, eh? At least Bruce might be able to show them what a real stand up guy looks like.

Janet H said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your ex is trying to mess with you, Dana. Jealousy is an ugly thing. And I'm glad you're making sure the boys realize that just because their father pushes them to do something, that doesn't make it a good idea. You can't help what your ex will do, but you can deal with the boys and their role in it. Good for you.

And I'm so happy you're joining the SAHM club. And you'll be beading because you *want* to rather than because you absolutely *have* to. What a great change! So happy for you, my dear.