Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My dream

I would love to own my own store. I had tried to get funding for it by going in with a friend, but she ruined it by telling the guy we met with when applying for funding how "rich" she was and how much money she made. Right then and there I knew if she still lied at age 35 like she did in all our youth, that I couldn't go into business with her.

I would love my own craft supply store and gallery. I would love to serve people coffee as soon as they walked in. Have a comfy couch and a place for women to gather on a certain night of the week to visit, bead and of course, gossip.

I would love to have a restaurant that served only native food. I would call it Wota. Not really Indian Taco's but served food from the pre-rez and post-rez era. i would love to research and find these recipes and serve stuff that only traditional people still eat. Stuff that people still grow up eating around here, like kidneys, tongue, skillet bread, wojapi, and wasna.
I think being around Bruce made me see the "Value" in preserving traditions I made one of my great grandma's old recipes last night and the kids actually ate it.
Anyway it's just a dream.

Oh and if you don't believe in Astrology, because I bet I haven't checked my horoscope in about 6 months, here is what came up for the day Bruce emailed me and the day I opened the email. The first is his and the second is my horoscope.

Daily Extended Forecast for April 24, 2007
Provided by Astrology.com

Sometimes, even when you're not looking for a new romance, one comes along and taps you on the shoulder. But make no mistake -- if that happens today, you have a choice. Go down this intriguing path only if you want to. Have faith that if it happens once, it can happen again. Do not involve yourself in any type of emotional entanglement unless you're completely ready. If you're not ready, trust that this person will wait for you to be ready.

Daily Overview for April 25, 2007
Provided by Astrology.com Daily Extended Forecast

A fantasy won't come true without a certain amount of collaboration, so compromise.

Changes are right up your alley -- the more risky and outrageous, the better. What's gotten into you? Oh, just a little extra chutzpah, thanks to those daring and frisky stars. Pursue your dreams with fervor now.

Ten days later I became his wife and I am happier everyday.


Josie said...

It's a wonderful dream, and something truly needed on the rez -an outlet that doesn't rip beadworkers off. If you want it bad enough, you'll find a way to get the funding. I think you'd be wonderful at this, and I know that sofa would always be occupied. :-)

I read my horoscope fairly often for fun. All too often it's truly uncanny how well it matches up to what is occuring. (Sadly, when it says money is coming my way...that never happens.) I loved what yours and Bruce's said for those fateful days! So this union is "written in the stars", and the timing was right for both of you. If you'd gotten together way back then, it might have not lasted... but now you're both older and wiser, and I'm believing this will be "happily ever after".

Dorid said...

:) I think your dream is a reasonable one. Are you moving forward on it? Looking for locations, etc? or is it still pretty much in the dream stage?

Dana Dane said...

just a dream

Alissa said...

We all have our dreams. It's the realities that stop us, damn it! (funding, locations, etc...) But it never hurts to keep dreaming.

Daisy said...

Don't give up on that dream! I think it sounds like a great idea that you COULD accomplish one day!

Missy A said...

how far away is your house from the main part of town?
Do you have a 'front room' with street access? A garage?
there have been many buisnesses done from homes and I don't see why you cant
think about it how many come round to your place or you to thiers to bead?
I still say you can do it