Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I done this blog , or somewhat similar to it on 360 because I wonder who reads this nonsense.
First off let me introduce you to my quaint little friends list here.

Alissa's Head- Alissa is a young single mother from Salt Lake City...she hardly blogs here or on 360 as much as she used to. Why because she is a lurker and a half and she is also going to school to be a nurse, working part time for her dad, raising a toddler and sassy young girl and on top of that she just lost 60 pounds. When I was on 360 she was the first person ever to comment on my blog that I didn't know and probably the reason i continued to blog publicly....just to see her type "That's funny." :) Hi Alissa!

Caffiene & Confusion-This is a close blog friend from Connecticut. A real stand up family man with a GREAT sense of humor. He don't blog here, but I keep him on my list just in case he ever does.

Doridae's Corner-Doridae is Kat...mother of 4 and one strong woman. Her two youngest are at home and her blogs are like watching the Discovery Channel. I learned so much about nature, sea life and such from her. Oh and I can't forget tidepooling. She just moved from Southern Cal to the desert in New Mexico and I wonder if she is jonesing for a tidepool. HI KAT!

Dreaming Up Daisy-One of the only persons I know from the left in the land of WalMArt. Mother of one and honest as hell....I met her on 360 as well as everyone above but she does have a blog here worth checking out. Hi Sister Daisy.

Josie2shoes-One of the only one I know who reads me from the newspaper. She started a blog called Picking Up The Pieces, which is a view into her newly single life at what she calls the "halfway" point....Hi Josie.

Missy-Missy from Down Under....Missy is Fran who does not have a pet kangaroo so don't ask her. I met Missy via 360 also and she has about 117 blogs.....and I am catching up to her lol. Hi Missy.

Peeking through weary eyes-JohnB I met, I explained a while ago...his blogs are about his bus travels, very detailed...sometimes poetic and funny. I thought I was the only one who was so observant while riding public transportation. I miss public transportation. Hi John.

Stealing Kitty-Stealing Kitty is Rachel...and Courtney...a combined blog of two queer girls in love. I met them both on 360, have them both on myspace and if anyone knows them, knows how honest and in your face they can get. Which along with excellent writing makes a great read from either of them. One of my favorite blogs is from Courtney's 360 about riding the train. Hi Rachel!

Webby's Web-Webby's Web is Veronica...did I spell that right. From Canada, although not originally. I love her quaint blogs about her small town in the north and a whiz at paint shop pro. Hi Lake-Flurries/Webby.

So that is who I read here...I met most on 360. You can read any of the above by clicking on their names in the left column...under places I lurk.

So here is what my blog is about today....introduce yourself.
Like as if you was at a meeting, you know those kind of conferences you hate where people make you "stand up and tell a few things about yourself."
I am doing this because after yesterday's blog my Aunt Nellie called me and said "WHO IS IT? ARE YOU IN LOVE? TELL ME MORE! TELL ME MORE!"
I thought she was going to break out in that song from I thought she didn't read me, or never knew and here I find out she is a lurker too!
So let me start this off and if I already told your life history up there...tell us something petty and whatever I didn't reveal about you. Here's my intro:

"Hi My name is Dana...Um I have 4 kids and 4 cats...yes I know crazy cat lady in the making. I love cooking...sometimes , despise feet and secretly dig the Bee Gees. Um, that's all for now....thank you."

Now if you read me and don't's your chance to quit being so damn shy! *hintAuntiehint*


Josie said...

What a cool idea Dana!...

Hi, my name is Josie and I'm a blogaholic. :-) I grew up in South Dakota, but have lived in the Southwest for years. I've got two grown kids out on their own, and dozens of little friends in Dakota that keep me young at heart. I'm recently out on my own, and despite the ups and downs, I love the freedom. A true Aquarian thru and thru I tend to think out on the edge. I love meeting new people! I first encountered Dana in the newspaper, and I think she's awesome - I can't get enough of her stuff! And yes, Dana... we're all waiting...details, details!! :-)

Dana Dane said...

haha....wouldn't you like to know and i would love to tell but i am also highly superstitious and also believe in the word jinx

Dorid said...

:) you may want to update your bloglog... The Doridoidae's Corner thing is just a gateway. My blog is actually titled The Radula, and can be found at:

BTW, glad to see Rachel here... I've got to reconnect with her, I lost her during the tempestspell/doridoidae name & blog switch :)

oh, and I now have 3 kids home... Chewy moved in in March, andYES, I AM SERIOUSLY JONESING FOR TIDEPOOLING. I'll be going up to San Fran for my daughter's wedding in July, so I'll probably hit the coast then. I'll also be interested in doing another whale watch in Monterey Bay!

Dana Dane said...

thanks Dorid....i am glad you get to see the ocean again. Have fun and tell Girl_Scientist i said CONGRATS!

Gina said...

Hi, I am a new lurker as you put it nicely. I love reading your stuff....very down to Earth and honest. My name is Gina and your blog came recommended by Josie, who I am just recently getting to know. I think she found me on the "next blog" thing...anyway it was no mistake because we have a lot in common and she has been a blessing as have you, Dana. I enjoy dropping over here regularly. About me, 45 divorced nurse, no children or love life but a nice bunch of family and friends....and oh yeah, nice to meet you. Thanks for reading my poems. I thought I was alone. Thanks for the music and entertainment andfun!
Here is a nice you tube you will enjoy:

Missy A said...

its not 117 only 3 here, one on my space and umm well 5 or is it 6 on 360? I forget how many.
Here is the first place I go haven't even checked my mail yet

Alissa said...

*Clears throat* Hi! *Waves to the group* My name is Alissa, and contrary to Dana's miss information, I AM married. I'm studying to be a nurse and just recently got released from the horrible death trap of working for my dad as a glorified sandwich maker at Quiznos (mmmm.......toasty.) Anyway, for the next 6 weeks I'm in between semesters at school and will be soaking in plenty of spring time fun with my kids, starting with our trip to Cancun, leaving this Saturday. (Get me the hell outta here!) I hate living in Utah, but can't leave the securities of home. I love to scrapbook, oh and I hate mushrooms...I'm a lurker at heart.

Dana Dane said...

i forgot to say you was married??? my bod...duh, you're a mormon...even if displaced...i love you chica and you know it but when this time of the year comes i despise you...THE C FAMILY for leaving me and going to CANCUN!!! dammit!

Dana's Auntie said...

Hi, I am Dana's aunt, the anonymous lurker. ****BUSTED****
I have 2 kids and 1 grandson, he is the most beautiful and precious baby ever to grace this earth!!!
Let me see, i am single after 20 some years of being married. Oh wait I am married but to someone else. Obviously he isn't here or else I wouldn't have forgot about him. But anyway I am ALONE, I guess that's how I should put it but I am loving living by myself.
Maybe I should write my own blog. Didn't think I had this much to write.

Oh yeah Dana, I despise toenail and fingernail clippings.


JohnB said...

Well hello Dana.
Thanks again for the kind mention...well yes, my name is JohnB and I am wedged between the worlds of perspicacious and the esthetic, being of both the intensely mathematical and serendipitous mind. I find myself totally at odds with myself most of the time, and the balance I often go into trance-like meditations of manic problem solving. I live here in the Pacific Northwest city of Seattle, where great beauty graces the eyes at every turn, more so than the other three States I have lived, played, and worked.
I've come here by way of Dana who visited my place a while ago, and I in turn found a gem of a writer to behold...truly Dana, do not forget us plebeians when fame finally deprives you of what little obscurity you may have left ;)

Dana Dane said...

to my auntie...omg you narc!!! but i love you...i want a blender!
to john b even your comment are written with such flair....i love your writing.

Missy A said...

married WHAT THE!??

Rachel said...

Wow! Thanks for the introductions... I am glad you are still writing.

Courtney said...

Wow... the intro rocks... and so very comepletely unexpected!!! I understand your '360' decision... If my present involvement were at all like in the past... I could so see myself doing the same! (But then I would end up a disgruntled lurker, lol... with no way to comment...) Ha!

I read up on your blogs... is one comment enough? I think I can sum up my thoughts with, "Damn!" I'm shocked and surprised to discover the new 'additions' to your life... but I'm no hater! Rock on, woman! Good Times to you!