Saturday, May 26, 2007


When I was a little girl I was quiet and shy. In some way I still am. I don't really feel comfy talking to people until i really know them. then sometimes they have to have the right personality...if you know what I mean. Like I can really get to know some people but they are too uptight, or we don't mesh.

So that got me to thinking what kind of people do I mesh with.

I guess the number one most important of all things to me in someone is "sense of humor." I believe I have and always had a great sense of humor. I think sense of humor is what makes people "sparkle." It used to be the number one thing I looked for in a guy, then I realized that funny guys only make good friends, not anything further. to me that is....because we'd laugh so much, there was never any seriousness.
Don't get me wrong my husband has a great sense of humor, he is just not the one cracking the jokes. Usually it's me, but he does like to laugh.
With my friends Aimy and Bobby, who hardly ever come around now that I am married, that is all we do is laugh.
So other than having a great sense of humor you also have to be real.
I know that sounds so easy but have you ever met people that think they have to be someone else. It is so hard for me to hang out with people like that.
Be funny and be real.....those are the people I mesh with.
Oh wait, you can't be a dumbass. I seriously cannot hang with dumbasses. You know the type...they don't listen to other's opinions because they are the only one in the whole world that is right, right then and there. I can't stand dumbasses.
But when someone is funny and a dumbass....well that's another thing. :)
Other than that I can hang with anyone, but I mesh with certain ones.


JohnB said...

sometimes the mesh is quite labyrinthine, yes? ;)

Missy A said...

I can't get along with people who are serious ALL the time, its like "smile dammit" I know theres a sense of humour in there somewhere just finding it is diffficult.
You gotta be serious sometimes can't spend your whole life giggling but it is nice to have a laugh with someone sometimes

I swear tho some people no sense of humour at all

Bloghunter said...

Congratulations. You are a blogstabber.

Missy A said...

speaking of no sence of humour LoL @ Blogstabber they would go well on 360 wouldn't they its not from there, no one on there writes like that ..and how come they didn't visit me now I'm all crushed n stuff