Monday, May 7, 2007

Out My Front Door

Well, I said I would take more pictures of the "real reservation."
My brother suggested to take a picture right out my front door and show everyone what it is about.
these are my neighbors. A huge extended family that all have been living there ever since I
can remember. Their older daughter used to live next door to my grandma with her kids, then she got a double wide, but for a while now she has been living back home with her parents and children.
It is a 4 bedroom house and I know at least 5 adults live there and I am not sure how many children.
The cars and trucks they all use are painted with this saying "Justice for Jonny" When the rain washes it off they paint it over again.
I don't know who Jonny was but I do know he was a Yankee's fan. They have been painting that ever since last November. I moved in here in December.
I have never seen any of the cars they drive go without that.
Jonny died last November out at the old Sundance grounds. He was stabbed to death and they never caught who did it.

Jonny was 15 years old.


Missy A said...

that could be here same kind of cars same colour dirt
apart from Jonny thats a bit sad :(

Josie said...

Violence and tragic deaths seem to be such everyday occurances there, how do you think it affects the kids? Do they grow up somewhat desensitized because it is the only "norm" they know, or does it cause emotional trauma?

Dana Dane said...

i think it starts as trauma....i told my kids about it when it happened and they were like "oh"
SAd isn't it?

Josie said...

The kids I know there are for the most part amazingly resilent, perhaps because they have to be to survive. But I wish they didn't have to learn the harsher realities of life so very young.

Daisy said...

I'm loving your REZ pics. I can't tell you the number of times that I was asked if we had a teepee since my family is Indian and we're from Oklahoma. Honestly, I've never even been to a reservation, but I can't wait to see your picture-story!