Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I am reveling in this foggy cloud of happiness and I hope no one chokes on my gushiness.
OMG, I just can't believe I married him. I can't believe it.
So many people have told both him and I "You're f*ckin crazy" Instead of the normal congratulations. Nobody remembers that this man was the boy who put hearts in my eyes. Well, my brother does because I am pretty sure he read my diary. But, the fact that this courtship was so short and then we got married makes people think we are crazy.
Some people are disappointed they were not invited to the wedding. It wasn't really an "event" though. It was just us and two witnesses and we all barely fit in the judge's office.
I told the girl at the gorcery store that I got married and she asked to who...when I told her she said "Oh reunited huh?" At least she remembers that there was life before my dumbass ex.
My brother called yesterday and asked how things were, if everything was alright. Am I still as happy as I was the day I got married.
"No," I said "I'm happier...and that is all that keeps happening is I get happier. I am waiting for it to top off or hit a plateau, but so far everyday I am jus happier."
He laughed and said "Hang in there, I'll get Dirty Steve on this pool yet."
I was like "WTF you guys suck!"
We bet on everything he said.
So anyway we get off the phone and I tell Bruce and his friend Super.....Super then says. "How much is it to get in?"
I don't even care what anyone says, what anyone thinks. I married the man that stole my heart years ago. Well he was a boy back then....but you know.
I will post some pics later....one of my kids deleted them all.


Wild Oglala said...

I remember when Bruce Bad was "electric boogaloo" back in the day. He had the meanest knee spin in Manderville.

Dana Dane said...

yup that's when i fell in love...haha just teasing
it was when he was a fancy dancer...that's when i fell in love

Josie said...

Ignore the naysayers Dana... You alone know the struggles you've been thru in life, and all of that has prepared you to make this relationship work. You're not a teenybopper just marrying on a whim, you're old enough to know what you're doing. I, for one, am loving every minute of you being so happy, and would put my money on it lasting. It wasn't that long ago you were asking if you would ever experience true romantic love... funny how God stepped up to answer that one - in a way even better than you ever could have dreamed of!

Does Bruce still dance on occasion, or is he totally focused on the drum group at this point in his life? Easy to understand how you fell in love watching him dance, it's truly beautiful beyond words.

Tell those kiddos to keep their paws off the camera... we wanna see more pictures of him! :-)

Jenny said...

I think it is romantic and wonderful! Again Congrats Dana!!

*****lurking***** said...

Hey Dana, I am very happy for you and I said Congrats.
I can tell just by looking at you that you are happy...finally!!!
Grandma noticed too, she called me to tell me.
oh and about alllllll those hickeys!!!
i'm happy that you're happy, you deserve it!!!

happy happy happy

Tigga said...

OMGosh! Congratulations Girlie!