Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dorid's Clasic Image Challenge

I love Dorid's Classic Image Challenges.
Here are her rules-
take a photo or illustration YOU have created
alter it, photoshop it, or whatever... to make your image in the style of today's feature artist
post it on your blog
comment below with the permenent link.


So I like the colors of this one because it reminds me of the colors of another pic I took recently....well, it was taken with my cam

Here is what I did with plain ol' Paint and I also used fd's Toys on and used the Beads section...because you know I love beads.
Flickr has many great features if you don't have Photoshop or PaintshopPro and of course plain ol' Paint.


Anyway that was my 3rd post for today so I am out.


Dorid said...

wow! I LOVE IT!

Webby said...

Geez, Dana...I love both of them! I found this artist..difficult and I wasn't satisfied with my own at all this time.

But it sure was fun and this was the first time I made it with Photoshop. I've just started to learn it..

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! You'd give Klee a run for his money!!