Sunday, May 6, 2007

The one that got away

The best men, my bro Trav, Dirty Steve, and Cousin Tom.

Us again at the 20 bar.

It wasn't a big was just small and a tribal judge married us. But to get marrieds here it IS alot of signatures and running around. Which we did so by 11:00 am on Friday we had every signature we needed from the enrollment office and BIA, so next it was finding two witnesses. My brother Trav pulled in just then, so I told him to go get Tom.

We found a judge, a newer judge and we was his first wedding.
I was so happy, nervous and excited when I was saying my vows I wanted to laugh. I didn't want to tell anyone that but Tom brought up that he wanted to laugh too. Then Bruce admitted it so I did. I was giddy I guess.

Everyone think we are crazy, like we just met. We wasted so much time in the past being away from each other and being young, dumb and stubborn. This is why we did it this way.

My brother gave the wasn't champagne but 3 shots of Jose and two shots of Crown, because that's how we roll. I don't remember what he said but when he was done, he said "And thank GOD a real man stepped up to take care of my sister, now we don't have to." LOL. Dirty Steve gives me a hug and says I feel real happy for you Dana, I love you like a sister and I feel real happy for you. then he turns to Bruce and says...And you, well I just feel for you.

Here's my cousin Tom's two cents "What made you guys get married? I might have an 8th grade education but I ain't that dumb."
It's all good and fun, as a family we joke like that.
Then I met his family...LOL. Not even all of them. His cousin Mark said "Welcome to the family, we like to hug and kiss in this family." LOL!
These past two days have been a whirlwind and I love it! I love him. My two younger ones get along great with him. The older ones have to get used to him. My ex, the boys dad called to tell me I was crazy and WTF ever. I told him thanks and hung up the phone. Life goes on.

I took some awesome pics of the reservation and have been lately. I want to use this blog to show the "real rez." Even though I always tend to take pics of the sunset and make it look all vast and romatic, I want people to see what it is really like here. So I will probably do that tomorrow.

So yeah I better get to beading I have avoided it for a couple of days.

So here is the girl who got married to her first love in jeans and flip flops telling you all bye. Thanks for everything.


Dorid said...

I'm so happy for you. For some reason this seems so right. I also think it's cool that you'll be showing the REAL rez. I think a lot of people have some serious misconceptions about rez life, and they tend to think of it as "romantic" and "mystical"

For the most part, I don't think people understand the ties to the rez and to the culture, and can't really understand the poverty and lack of services on many reservations. They figure if life is tough, you just leave, and if you don't leave, you must be dwelling in some sort of shangri-la.

Josie said...

Your wedding and party after sounded like so much fun! I love the spontaneity, and especially Dirty Steve's toast, LOL! So often months of planning and thousands of dollars go into affairs that don't last long. I'm betting this one will be a "keeper"! Give the boys time and they'll come around. Blessings to you and Bruce, now get busy with the beading. :-) Oh, so soon life gets back to routine. It's just wonderful to hear you sounding so happy! I don't look at it as something "instant and new" but rather a circle finally coming together.

Josie said...

I'm also eager to see the "real rez" thru your eyes. I've experienced it with my own, but from an outsider's perspective. It will be interesting to learn how you feel about the way things are there. And I love all the pix, keep them coming!

Jeepers said...

I am so happy for you...I hope you have everything that you honestly deserve's not often you get a second chance at happiness..enjoy it

Gina said...

I love simple weddings without all the fussing and over attention to detail, not to mention the costs....sounds like you all had a great time!!

Good for you!

Yardy said...

Dana, I wish you all the happiness in the world. You deserve it! Congratulations! xoxo

Mister E. said...

Congratulations my friend. *HUG* I'm so happy for you. I wish you only the best. Woohoo!!

lauri said...

That's awesome... simple and awesome. Congratulations again. I wish you and Bruce all the best!

Wild Oglala said...

I agree with Dorid, somehow this just feels right. Its like Little people big world! jk ;P u know I gots to raise hell!

Dana Dane said...

you rude ass jase! you're not exactly yao ming!

Rachel said...

HOLY HELL WOMAN!! Congrats!!

Janet H said...

Dana, I'm so so happy for you. And knowing how you've felt about marriage in the past, I know he must be so special to you to have changed your mind. Don't listen to the doubters -- the only people you need care about pleasing are right there in front of you, and especially the one in the mirror. And you sound plenty happy to me. *mwah*