Saturday, May 19, 2007

Regular Scheduled Programming

Or whatever.

Bruce did it. this season! Next season he won't
He interrupted my regularly scheduled programming. Got my ass back in the NBA only because I HATE his lucky ass team that somehow won last night. I haven't been into the NBA this much since Shaq was a baby...I mean rookie.

I am a couch potato, TV addict, and Reality TV whore. I have been forced into an intervention called LIFE!

This was my life BEFORE I got married.

Sunday-Sometimes the Yankees play, sometimes the PGA will be winding down a great tournament where Tiger Woods has to comeback and win it. Sometimes it is the end of a NASCAR race, which is dirtier and more dramatic than my cousin Tom in a bar. Or if it is the BLESSED season of NFL and I have that all day. Sunday is usually my big meal day and it is the day I have to have a few beers. Not for any religious reason, just because it is a big sports day. Then if it isn't football season and there is no beer, I will end the evening with Extreme Makeover Home Edition and cry. Then Sopranos. That is my Sunday as I usually sit and bead.

Monday-I don't really watch TV during the day except for the true crime thingys that come on in the morning. Oh and I keep trying tio catch The Price Is Right because you know i love Bob Barker and he is finally retiring. Also at noon 2 episodes of Law & Order come on. i try and catch at least one episode of Days a week because i have been watching it since I was in 2nd grade and feel loyal.I usually watch these, then let someone else watch or leave it on CNN Headline News, while I bead/clean/think about cooking...then I watch Law & Order SVU at 6. I know all the characters on there. Even the smaller roles like the psychiatrist that they hire all the time from the FBI. His name is Wong. Anyway after this if it is football season I watch NFL Monday Night football. Or i catch Dancing With stars and give up the TV after that. How can I forget Taquita and Kaui on MTV, those chicks are nuts.

Tuesday-All the same as above except for American Idol comes on and Dancing With Stars the results show. Also Tuesday night is the night TBS runs alot of Friends episodes, even though I seen them all. I still try and catch one or two because I miss those guys. Also the new episodes of Law & Order come on on NBC that night. I heart Detective Stabler. Also there is usually some reality show on MTV I like, like right now it is Inferno II. Oh yeah Miami Ink...*purr* I love those guys!

Wednesday WAS a big TV night for me. The results of American Idol. Real World and Road Rules. All the same as above for daytime TV.

Thursday-Pimp My Ride on MTV. Adventures in Hollyhood and can't forget Survivor. I always have to remember that the channel Survivor comes on is in the Central time zone so I have to catch it during my Law & Order SVU time. And I am usually pissed when I miss it. Sometimes I try to catch The Office because I LOVE that show. Then I flip channels (without a remote) and usually end up at ER or Sopranos reruns on A & E.

Friday is a bad day for TV, except for The Ultimate Coyote Search on CMT. Intervention on A & E and Take Home Chef on TLC. Then I catch up on reruns of The Deadliest Catch on The Discovery Channel...or whatever documentary might be on.

Saturday if I am lucky The Yankees are on TV like today or something. Other than that I watch movies.
See before I was married I controlled the TV.
The first couple of weeks I missed alot of shows....and didn't even feel bad.
Now we have to agree on what is on, which is the NBA play-offs and living in a house with 4 members of the opposite sex I am outnumbered.
I just hope blake Lewis can win American idol without me, and i hope Vegas and that other chick can win the Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search without me. i hope Jen from Real world Denver keeps kicking ass on The inferno. I really do hope Taquita and Kaui can find a job in Las Vegas. I am sure Take Home Chef is still getting housewives drunk while cooking for their husbands. I hope Sammy and Lucas finally fot married. the old guy, I hope is still on Survivor. And I hope Apollo can win the big disco ball trophy on Dancing With Stars. I WANT Anthony Jr. to get into the "family business" on Sopranos.

My life was so much TV. Now that I am blisfully wed and took my vows till death do us part...everything seems so trivial now.
I still catch some of my regularly scheduled programming, but for now my couch potato ass is just as happy kissing my husband. Or sitting outside enjoying the weather with the kids and husband. Or talking smack over a basketball game...ugh i can't get started on that after last night. I am happy happy happy. when i told my mom marrying him interrupted my regularly scheduled programming...she said Thank God.

But can someone let me know if Sammy and Lucas finally did get married? I only want that bitch to be as happy as me.

*Disclaimer-any and all events and programs are immediatley put on the back burner for ANY Yankee game, even marriage. Go Yanks! ;)


Josie said...

It's awesome when love comes along and knocks you off your feet...and the couch! :-) I loved this piece 'cuz it's so true - we tend to schedule our lives around our favorite programs. But sometimes I wonder if I am living or just being a silent observer of life. I need to get off the sofa more too. But God help poor Bruce if he tries to pre-empt the Yankees! LOL

Missy A said...

Well at least its not 3 hours of WWE when the "home improvement" shows are on, not that I mind WWE specially when Kane and the Undertaker are on but shoot 3 hours arrgh.
I used to watch Days years ago Marlena still in it? Or they finally kill her off ..again?

Josie said...

LOL Missy, I used to watch Days too. My ex is addicted to WWE, that's one of the reasons we ended up with two tv's.

Dana Dane said...

i think Marlena might have come back to life...again. She was even possessed again for awhile.

Alissa said...

Dana, I hate to break it to you, but Yau-man got voted off at number 4. The survivor finale was last sunday, and if you want I can tell you who won.

I love it when life gets in the way of tv, but that's what tivo is for. We've talked about that before. Tivo is a blessing, because it fills in the down time that 1 hour a week during nap time when the house actually is clean already, the laundry is done, and you're already showered. And, let's not forget it comes in handy all summer long during reruns...

Dana Dane said...

survivor is OVER???? WTF ok who won???

Jeepers said...

*Disclaimer-any and all events and programs are immediatley put on the back burner for ANY Yankee game, even marriage. Go Yanks! ;)

only you would put^^^ for a Yankee game..even I guess I am lucky I don't watch too much tv..and they changed Days of Our Lives time on Soap net..I don't know if they got married or not either..dang it. so if you find out tell me

Webby said...

Right now it's Sunday night that is the big night for me: Sopranos, latest season!
Tuesday is a very good night too, because there is HOUSE and Boston Legal.

The rest of the week we just play it by ear..there are always and bunch of differen Law & Orders, CSI:s to watch. Saturday night (early) there are many nice British comedy series on PBS..

We've been watching some hockey lately.. Stanely Cup..

Alissa said...

Yau-man got voted out at number 4. Then Sandra, Dreamz and Earl went before the jury. There were some fireworks. I knew people would be mad at Dreamz for flipping on "The 4 horseman" but I had no clue people would be mad at Sandra. She was accused of lying to make Stacy trust her, and then stabbing her in the back. I'm not really sure what that's about, but what ever. For the first time in Survivor history, all 9 votes were cast for Earl, making him the victor. Damn good show, it's too bad you missed it. I was pissed as hell that Dreamz screwed over Yau-man when he won the immunity and didn't hand if over like he said he would, but Earl was a good player and if it couldn't have been Yau-man, Earl was my second pick.

Dana Dane said...

I never liked Sandra and Dreamz fromt he get. Yay for Earl....he never turned on Yauman when I watched and he KNEW he had the immunity idol.....Everyone else guessed and used it against him.