Sunday, May 13, 2007

Life Lessons From Mama

Starting with teaching me to read at age 4.
She taught me everything and then some.
She taught me to take chances...even if I am scared. "You will never regret trying something new or taking opportunities, but you will always regret not doing them." That is what she told me when I asked her if I should go to Florida and work in my bosses bar.
"I figure if you can't make yourself happy, then who can...everyone needs to be happy with themselves." That was an IM message she sent me one day and I never forgot it.
She taught me the value of being resourceful, beading to take care of myself.
She taught methe passion of reading. Never once flinching or banning her Jackie Collins books from me even though I was 11 years old. She bought me all the Cosmo magazines I could have from age 10 on. And she still buys me the January issue for Christmas. I don't read Cosmo anymore but I love the January issue.
She taught me to love. I have seen her in love. She has no regrets.
She taught me politics and thinking about other cultures and ways of the world.
She taught me good table manners, I don't know when but she just did. And if you don't think this is important try being around someone who has no manners....ugh.
Most important of all...she taught me not to take shit from anyone.
My mom is badass and if she reads this Happy Mother's Day Mother.
*pic stolen from my sister's flickr account....she likes it when I steal her pictures.
her fave saying "I will always wear purple."
One of my mom's fave songs.


DeeAnne said...

Your mom sounds like she is badass and she raised one heck of a badass daughter too!

Youa re a wonderful tribute to your mom and a great mom (to your own kids) in return. I hope this day brings you joy and happiness.

DeeAnne said... the picture stolen or not! You look a lot like her.

Josie said...

I agree with Deeanne, I think you were blessed with a way cool mom who has helped you develop into the strong, loving, thinking, caring person that you are... and those gifts passes on to your kids. Happy Mother's Day to one of the truly awesome ones!

Missy A said...

A lot ... more like A LOT thought that pic was you for a sec
and thats no shit coz I know you, if I give ya shit you would bash me **wink**